Do you have any questions about our products or processes? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

No. Chickens in Australia are not fed any growth promoting hormones. It has been illegal since 1967.

FREPA (Free Range Egg and Poultry Association) standards do not allow for any growth promoting antibiotics to be given to our chickens. If the chickens become sick and require antibiotic treatment, this is only carried out under our Veterinarian’s direction and those birds are not sold as free range.

FREPA does allow for Australian Government approved veterinary medications to prevent / control coccidiosis.

We take very seriously the health and welfare of our chickens through our growing programmes and make sure we meet the National regulations for human consumption and this is confirmed by regular testing of the meat for residues.

No, they are on the ground at all times, either, on litter inside the shed or utilizing the grassed range area during daylight hours.

Due to all Elgin Valley Free Range outdoor areas being fully fenced and netted, our chickens have maximum protection from predators and interaction with other bird species. Depending on the conditions, we are able to let our chickens onto the range from 17 days onwards as oppose to the industry standard of 21 days.

Elgin Valley chicken sheds can open up to 70% of the side wall, this is twice the FREPA standard to allow for better access to the outdoor area and coupled with the protective netting, achieve a high level of range usage. Outdoor areas are covered with a variety of plants and shade areas. At night time or during weather extremes the birds are kept in the sheds for their comfort and warmth.

Elgin Valley Free Range chickens have feed and water provided for them at all times inside the shed, but they are free to forage amongst the natural vegetation, primarily grass and grass seeds on the range.

Elgin Valley Free Range Chickens are sold with the Free Range Egg and Poultry Association (FREPA) logo. To obtain this, we have to have approval from FREPA to confirm we grow to their standards. This is achieved by regular independent auditing of our farms and farming practices. We internally audit our farms quarterly to ensure the Elgin Valley high farming standards are being met and maintained.

Our nutritionist and veterinarian ensure that Elgin Valley Free Range chickens are provided a balanced diet comprising of quality cereal grains (such as wheat and sorghum) and protein meals which are supplemented by vitamins, minerals, essential oils and organic acids to achieve optimum health and well being.

Elgin Valley farms are located in the foothills of the Glasshouse Mountains on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Elgin Valley Free Range is proudly owned by local farmers who enjoy growing their birds to the high welfare standards sought by our customers.